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Friday, 5 February 2010

The Wicked Nature of Hip Hop


Music dominates the masses of Black People around world. In America, Africa, the Islands, and etc The Black culture is completely dominated by the type of music the people listen to. This could be true for people in general but in this instance our subject will be Black People.

In Jamaica, the dominant choice of music is Reggae, a musical form that was originally introduced by Bob Marley and the Wailers.

When Introduced most of their songs were about love, justice, and escaping the hell that white people had been given Black People in Jamaica. Most people only know of Bob as a musician and an advocate for marijuana, Bob believed that weed was for medication, and meditation, not just for recreation. He was also part of the Rastafarian movement, where members grew their hair, did not smoke cigarettes, didn’t drink alcohol, and lived by very strict diets. The music that Bob made had a Political effect on his country and countries around the world. His music not only challenged the government but it inspired others to challenge the government. The true followers of Reggae were about uniting their people and rebelling against the system that was harassing them.

Now we’ll examine Reggae for what it is today.  

 Do you see how the culture has changed since the days of Bob? Most Reggae no longer carries the Spiritual message. Most songs are about drinking, drugs, smoking weed, freely having sex and etc.  Look at the streets of Kingston, Jamaica; they are some of the most dangerous hoods in the world. When the music was about Unity, the People were about Unity. When the music became about foolishness then the People became about foolishness.

These same trends are manifesting themselves in Africa today. Many African artists have songs about killing, shooting, drinking, partying, and random sex. Ghettos and hoods are developing in all of the major cities of Africa. Bob Marley’s music also encouraged many African countries during the time when Africans were fighting white people in order to gain independence; these countries include Kenya and Zimbabwe where people were growing dreadlocks and becoming proud about being Africans.  The music was of High Morality and there were fuses of Spirituality, Justice, and love.

Now let’s examine how this ties in with America. In the past there have been times where the music of Black People has inspired them to stand up and fight for Justice.  Think about the Negro Spirituals/ Gospel Spirituals that were coded with messages to help slaves escape. Think about how music helped a struggling people cope with their woes.  Many of those Negro spirituals consist of rhymes and these same songs inspired many slave rebellions throughout the south.  Read the words of this one Negro spiritual “Oh freedom, Oh Freedom, Oh freedom over me, And before I be a Slave, I’ll be buried in my grave, And go home to my Lord and be free.”

In the past the music, dance, fellowship, and Spirituality of black people was similar to that of the Israelites in the bible. When black music had a spiritual root black people shared whatever they had with each other sugar, eggs, and etc. Parents not only looked after their kids but they looked after the other kids In the neighborhood as if they were their own, it was almost like we lived in some kind of village, but we were just in the hood. These days if you have a black neighbor who tells you “hello” you’re lucky.  

Look at how the music that we allowed to come into our homes has completely destroyed our family and our value system. We went from “brothers and sisters” to “niggas and bitches” and this change took place at the same time that there was a change in music.

Now just think. If you had an enemy that you wanted to defeat and keep him from rising up wouldn’t you want to stagnate and exploit his strengths? Record labels exploit our women and they exploit our art form. Hip Hop could have been used to make a very revolutionary People. The record labels noticed this power and quickly reverse this power in attempts to make niggas out of you and me. Black music in America affects black culture in America.  When the music was strong, and powerful the people were strong and powerful, when we called ourselves brothers and sisters in our music, we called ourselves brothers and sisters in the street, when we called ourselves niggas and bitches in our music we started calling ourselves niggas and bitches in the street.

Hip Hop is just advertisement for white products and Rappers are the marketers. Ok let’s examine the previous statement. Why do our young black people wear timberlands, Nikes, Gucci, and etc because rappers of promoted this image to them and told them that it was good. For goodness sake there is a rapper named “Gucci Man” he promotes there company every time he says his name “Gucci”  

Rappers also promote white people’s alcohol products.  There are so many songs about Hennessey, Bacardi, hypnotic, and then rappers make videos to further promote these products on television for youngsters to watch. Think about all of the songs about Benzes, Lexus’s, and Ferrari’s , not to mention all of those episodes of mtv cribs where they show these products , encouraging one to covet.

The sick part of this story is that many rappers actually own legit enterprises. Barbershops, Studios, Basketball teams, record labels, but still make music encouraging the youth to sell drugs. Do your researches the CIA/FBI makes the most out of the drug trade. How do you think drugs get into the country in the first place? The guys that sell drugs in your neighborhood don’t own planes. The only people with the means to bring drugs into to this country and get them through U.S customs in large quantities is the U.S government.  Especially with all of this high security after 9/11 they have technology that can see through your bags and your vehicle. If they wanted to stop the drug problem they could but they don’t want to mess their money up.

Hip Hop is used to market slavery. All of the crime talked about in this music leads to death or prison. Prison is basically sanctioned slavery. The 13th amendment was made to abolish slavery but it does make an exception for law breakers. This is modern enslavement.  Prisoners are making clothes and other products and earning about 80 cent per week, this is very cheap la bor for any company. This prison thing also promotes homosexuality and down low activity.

In essence Hip Hop is supposed to free our minds, but instead it has lead to the enslavement of our minds and bodies and that is a problem.


Posted by geniusmover at 5:18 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 8 February 2010 7:19 PM EST
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Monday, 7 September 2009

Posted by geniusmover at 10:06 AM EDT
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Thursday, 18 June 2009
June 10,2009

Why do you hate yourself?

Black people that were born in America have a tendency to dislike, despise, disrespect, and look down upon Africans. There is no possible way that black people can hate Africans or hate Africa without hating themselves. The reason that black people in America have bad attitudes towards themselves is because they have bad attitudes towards Africa. Africa is the root and the foundation of any potential in the black community, all of the spirituality, music, dance, rhythm, flow , strength all originated on the African continent. Now that we have rejected those roots we have lost the power that our ancestors once carried on the continent. Our music has turned been turned against us to make our men to be thugs, pimps, and make our women be hoes and make both of them abandon there families. Our spirituality has been made useless and powerless. Black churches and black mosque all over our community have been ineffective. There are not many religious people that
are doing many effective things in our communify. Our dances make mockery out of our women and make them look like hoes to earn profits for white men, at the expense of our women being degraded. First we need to return to God and then return to the spiritual roots of our ancestors. It is not optional it is neccessary for the survival of our people. Our people think that we are Americans we think that we identify with white people more than we identify with our own. We want to identify with white people more than we identify with Africa. But that wish is not true. The so called African American walks, talks, sings, and dances with a rythm and a flow that is derived from Africa. all of the drumming, beating, and singing comes from there. Today's message is a warning to my people to stop hating themselves. Stop hating your brothers and sisters. Stop letting them divide us so that they conquer us all over the world. They have us conquered in America, they
have conquered us in Europe, they have us conquered in Africa, because they keep us divided in those places and they keep us divided abroad. The time has come. The time has come. The time has come. To stop hating ourselves and return unto our Father. Getting right with God comes first followed by us getting right with ourselves. Yah Bless.

Posted by geniusmover at 9:32 PM EDT
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June 9, 2009

June 9, 2009

Be ye not entertained.

In order for a book, movie, song, or anything to be enjoyed by the common person it must be entertaining. Because of this almost everything has lost value and true essence to entertainment. This entertainment feat has caused people to have low attention this is why there is so much talk about ADHD. The television, radio, videogames, idle talk, small talk all subtract for your time to think. This society is for the most part thoughtless. How many everyday people sit around thinking about the problems that the world face like poverty, starvation, drugs, suffering, and sickness. Most peoples thought never reach beyond a social level.(there own social level.) People are so bored that they would rather do anything but to think. The people are being sung a lulliby by all of this entertainment and this why they are sleep. We must come out of this thoughtless society

Posted by geniusmover at 9:31 PM EDT
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Thursday, 11 June 2009
June 8, 2009

June 8, 2009 Belief is an action word. Any belief should be manifest in action. There is a trend going on around the world where a man can say that he believes in something but he doesn't have to put forth any action to show or prove it. This is one of the biggest lies that preachers tell every Sunday. They teach you to confess to believe with your mouth and that is the only requirement to be saved. This even contradicts the scriputure in the Book of James that teaches us that faith with out work is dead and that even the demons confess that The Father exist. The standard of the followers of God has always been based around hard work. The followers of Yeshuah traveled on foot and sometimes by boat spreading the Word. The prophets alone set themselves apart from the rest of the people just based on pure work ethic. Think about travelling hundreds of miles by foot into foreign lands and territory just think about the bravery that comes with that. The followers of God should seperate themselves from the low standards that we are engulfed by today and reconnect themselves back with the prophets and those who came in the Spirit of God. There are very few teachers that come in the spirit of God anymore. These days are days of Great corruption in which preachers take Great pride in being false prophets to make profits. Their judgement shall be in the hands of the Lord and they will pay the consequence for their blasphemy. Be Blessed

Posted by geniusmover at 12:21 PM EDT
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Wednesday, 6 May 2009
Mood:  chillin'

Today, i attended my AP Economics class. To my was suprised I was put on the spot and was asked to show a Power Point Presentation that solved all of the problems that the American Economy faced. This news gave me a a Dilemna right on the Spot. ( Whether to use everyday a solutions that have failed to work or to expose my class to the Truth of GOD). I was the first to show my power point. The controversy began in the very first slide where there was a quote that I had included that says " To Whom much is Given Much is Required." I included this quote because I knew it from the Bible but My Ap Economics teacher insisted that this was the motto of the Soviet Union. ( a sly way to call me a communist) However, this is a a quote from the bible( Luke 12:49) and this scripture was also quoted by President Kennedy who was assasinated by the the same unjust forces that teach us that sharing our wealth is the most horrible thing that we can do. As the Presentation went on, the more concerned Opinions I heard. Solutions such as "Rid Homelessness" "Rid Starvation" began to bother the minds of middle class students.(lower middle class students at that) My point was that there is a class in America that is so low that we don't even involve them in our Economic Discussions. I've spent a whole year in a College Level Economics Class where the poor is never discussed. How are we solving Economic Problems if there are still homeless people around us. The man who calls for justice is the criminal he is called a socialist or communist, but the Righteous man is the one who finds his happiness throught the pain and suffering of the others. It is insane to want equality,  The thought of ridding starvation or homelessness is equal to a criminal act here in America(which is modern day Babylon). Read the JUSTICE SCRIPTURES that are right here on the Genius Movement website. Think about of the Brains we have here on the Greatest Country in the World. We have some of the highest institutions of learning, there is plenty of intellectual discussion, with plenty of higher level vocabulary, and yet know one has come up with a Solution to stop Poverty. It is not because they cant it is because there hearts are filled with wickedness and they seek to find heaven in the hell and the misery of the poor. I'm speaking million dollar institutions that have suppossedly the best Scholars in the World but what solution have they come up with to help the poor. The found more and more ways to kill. Technology made to kill is advancing everyday. They have come up with concepts that make you fat and lazy. It is them who have created the very system that makes you appreciate your comfortabilty and curse the poor for being poor. At the same time that all of this is going on people are going around chanting Slogans like "Yes we Can" and talking about Equality and Equal oppurtunity while injustice is staring them right in the face. I Onve heard Malcolm X speak about how he felt that integration would only be to the benefit of a handful of Token Negroes. There is not a statement that was made during the 20th century that stands as prophetically correct in the 21st century as the statement that Malcolm made. That brother broke it down. He talked about the House Negroes. The house Negroes were Loyal to the Slave Master. They defended the Slave Master. The the Defended the Slave master against anything even their brothers and sisters that were working in the field. He would Snitch on them if they had tried to leave, And escape the institution of slavery. That quote was true then in those days, It was true when Malcolm said it and its true Today. Black people in America are apart of a Token class that get to sleep in the same house as the Slave Master. Therefore, they are delighted at the slave master that takes care of them, and them look down on the other Niggas that are working out in the fields. I'm talking about those people that don't really have a bed in the masters house. those people that just sleep on the masters land but his house they have no part of.

Today's message is a WARNING and Plea from the heart of Yours TRULY Essa Elihu. I want the WORLD to see the system for the corrupt thing that it is. Hold no illusions that there are people that know that the system is corrupt but they chose their part. They have made their choice but YOU still have YOUR choice to make. Choose YOU this day Who you will SERVE. That means make a Decision now. Know that doing nothing is still an Decision. You have no choice but to make one. Thats the Messsage for today. Now make your choice.

Posted by geniusmover at 11:39 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 5 May 2009
These Beautiful People are so Ugly
Mood:  energetic


May 5, 2009

Today for me was a day of observation. I set back it low key and tuned into the conversations and the actions of my peers. To be completely honest from what I saw not one person was doing anything or saying anything that was of any importance. There were so many discussions about fashion, pics, facebook, and wick hop music that is out now.  It’s really annoying listening to be so focused on prom or some other kind of materialistic goal that it starts to make me sick after a while.

When we were born we came into the world with a soul that was manifested through human flesh. When we die the only thing that we have is that spirit. But yet we spend a lot of time concerned with fashion, jewelry, expensive cars, expensive houses, and things that many of us can’t even afford. There is so much more to life than what we see around us, or on the Tell-lie-Vision. That’s not where the happiness is any of the things that I mentioned before guarantee happiness. There was a man with all of these things and more who had a big time job as CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER of some LARGE firm and this man hung himself. He wasn’t happy his house was the size of a football field he had all of these material things around him, he had the social esteem that most of you are looking for but his spirit was weak he was unhappy.

He spent all of his time probably in high end institutions’, universities that trained him and made him “Intelligent” he was held an acceptable position lived in the huge mansion. The man had what everybody is looking for. He had that goal that everybody is trying to achieve these days and he was not happy with himself. He was angry with himself. He attacked himself. The Spirit is what makes of alive, The Spirit was that breath of GOD that was breathed into Adam or Atom and made him become alive. When will the day come when we will try to develop our spirits, try to become one with our MAKER, and commune with THE CREATOR? Isn’t that what is most important. Life in human flesh is not an Eternal one like Adam his children shall surely die.  That leads me back to my same point that everybody should ask themselves well really ask God “ What Does God think of Me” Our lives can be so easily dedicated to the thoughts and opinions of people who in actuality really don’t even matter.

These beautiful people are so ugly. Their bodies are well dressed and well groomed. Some are well studied in the knowledge of men. Some are not. But they are both fools if they reject the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of YAH.  These beautiful people impress us and flatter us with words that are fluffy and hold no weight they just sound nice. They expect the rest of the world to fake and floss like they are something they are not. They expect all of us to dress in clothes that are inappropriate or that we can’t afford, to live in houses that are too expensive, and drive cars that are too expensive. They tell us the lies and we not only believe them but we live the lies that they tell us. My people be ye not easily deceived or tricked. Let’s stop envying and coveting the material things that belong to our oppressors. Many of us go through the “I’m the only nigga syndrome.” This is a sickness where the patient suffers from extreme delight at the thought of being the only Nigga. They are happy about being the only Nigga at their schools, being the only Nigga at work, being the only Nigga that lives in a certain neighborhood. Whatever the cause maybe they are just happy to be the only NIGGA. Let’s stop worrying about what other people have. Why build and enhance your Spiritual content with fasting, meditation, prayer, and things of the nature. Many of us spend have of our day in pure lust. We want all of these things that we don’t need and we forget the poor and the suffering. Even the church has forgotten the poor. In the Old Testament the tithe or the tenth was given to the poor it was usually grain. Even back in the day when Black People in America were of Higher Spiritual regards the church helped people eat, pay rent and keep lights on. Now people have abandoned the love for others, and they want a pastor who is King. They knowingly pay for his Benzes, Cadillac’s, and million dollars houses and reject the poor that they see when they come to church and when they leave.

My final words for today are “LOVE GOD LOVE OTHERS LOVE SELF”

Posted by geniusmover at 1:49 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 31 March 2009
Guess Who's Back
Mood:  suave
Now Playing: Guess Who's Back

People' I know I've been a way for a while. My fault I had a little slip up there but I'm back. At a later date ( might be today) I'll probably catch yall up on those couple Journal Entries that yall missed. They are actually really good. When I get the time I'll put them up. But for now I'm going to deal with today.


Today I feel really estactic to say the least. It feels good to put my problems and the problems away and let the light of God shine on me. I fel blessed to say the least, but because I'm blessed and I'm happy it doesn't mean justice is served. It doesn't mean that there still aren't problems that need to be dealt with. In fact feeling good makes me want to come at the problems even harder. Right now people are still in March Madness phase and we are fall into the venomos trap of entertainment from time to time and I'm not trying to knock sports at all. I was just thinking when March Madness is over with we move into the Professional Basketball Playoff phase. Both are big events. I watched 60 minutes the other night. The episode was good it gave me some insight into the background of one of everyone's favorite basketball players Lebron James. After the background piece they started talking about how much money he makes from Royalties and from playing Basketball. And I'm not going to hate the player. Lebron James is a tremendous display of atheleticism. My hate is for the game. Hoe can we as a people support paying a man who's talent is to dribble a ball in a basket more than a man who's job it is to put the fire when your house is burning down. A bad night for a policemen, paramedic, or firefighter means Death. The death of himself, a friend or a coworker. Could you imagine going to work with that in the back of your mind everyday on top of the fact that your not making too much more man $30,000 per year. Whats a bad night for Lebron. He scores 40 and his team loses. He still has made more money in than one night than common folk make in a year and everybody is still alive. Just think about how backwards that is. We have athletes getting paid more than teachers, and doctors. Which do we need more. Its kind of like living in the new Rome. The Romans did the same backwards things with their gladiators. They were able to keep their people entertained and then catch them sleeping. Thats how they were able to build their empire. We need to start focusing more on vocation/career type of jobs where we provide service to the fellow man. A doctor is useful, paramedics useful, ( though good health is better) carpenter, electrician, teacher, and etc these are all useful and talented people. Why does all the attention, money, and fame just go to athletes or people who are able to act. I'm not saying that art or athletics are not important or that they people shouldn't be able to make money from having talents in those areas. But it is unjust for it to be widely known and accepted for them to get paid more money than the professionals that mean the most to us. The same is valid for all types of Entertainment. If you don't wake up soon you will be caught sleeping in a 21st century Nazi Germany right HERE in america.

Posted by geniusmover at 12:39 PM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 31 March 2009 12:46 PM EDT
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Friday, 27 March 2009

Friday March 27, 2009 7:42 JOURRNAL ENTRY #2
Mood: a-ok

Friday March 27, 2009 7:42 JOURRNAL ENTRY #2


This is my personal Journal that I am sharing with the World. I think that it is only fair that since I take my time to share my personal experiences with yall, that yall can atleast leave a message for me in the GUESTBOOK. Come on now Folk. Was sup with that? Give me some feedback.


Anyway besides being frustrated with the constantly learning different ways not to do things LIFE'S GOOD.  Everyday I'm setting new goals for myself to tackle. We've had some successes and some days where we learn hundreds of ways that just didn't work. I'm happy to say that this Journal Project is definitely a success. I hope you'll enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. I'm still learning different things that don't work in terms of this project Anyway let me just start with the thing that bugged me first today. I woke up this morning around fourish to the sounds of a television that I fell asleep on last night. Anyhow, An infomercial was playing ( i hate them ) These people were trying to hustle some book about Adrenal stress and how it makes you unable to lose weight. They'll blame anything for obesity (except over eating and not exercising) before you know it they'll be blaming global warming for obesity. Anyhow, this salesman pitched a phrase that kind of made a brother have to do some reflection. Adrenal stress is more of a problem now that it was 100 years ago because people are more stresses out now than they were then. His examples were the economy, 3 or 4 kids, and tough professional careers. I thought wow people will say anything to get a sale. Think about the economy 100 years ago THE GREATT DEPRESSION is almost 100 years old. Back in the Day people weren't having 3 or 4 children they were popping out 7 and 8. Don't you remember your Grandma's stories about all her brothers and sisters? In terms of Careers give me a break. Imagine being a sharecropper, minor, or working in factory where people are losing limbs left and right. I agree with the opposition on one significant point. "WE ARE THE ONES MORE STRESSED OUT" Those people had fun through their adversities. There were cases where whole families were sharecroppers. But the family did their work together and built GREAT FOUNDATIONS. And when the Sun went down the family time continued. Families ate dinner together. Rapper Ghostface once asked the question “What Happen to the Family?" Give or take a F Bomb or two his message was on point. In those days people didn't work hard just to get everything that they wanted because it was hard enough just trying to fulfill the basic necessities. There were people who did not have shoes. (Read the Book Up From Slavery) How much easier would life be if we just took care of our needs first and then limited our wants? Here are some strong words “People before Things" Sometimes just enjoy the company of the people who you call your love ones. Sometimes it is good to just commune without the Television set on. People go to Church and they take communion on 1st and 3rd Sundays but they actually never commune. That practice is a ceremony. But what kind of communion do you have with your friends. Could you and your friends just enjoy each others company with a very simple dinner like "Bread and Wine" That was every simple Passover meal that Yeshua( Jesus) shared with his disciples. Sometimes there is true beauty in keeping it plain and mundane. 

Posted by geniusmover at 1:11 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 27 March 2009 1:48 PM EDT
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Thursday, 26 March 2009

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Essa's Journal for the World to See ( March 26, 2009)

Mood: spacey

Now Playing: Essa's Journal for the World to See ( March 26, 2009)

Hey this is just a little journal thing I'm dropping for yall. Everyday I want to share a piece of Life and a piece of pure thought with the World. So this is my Journal its for me yeah but I want yall to see it so I'm putting it out there so enjoy todays entry.

March 26, 2009 12:56pm

At this point in my life I've really become extremely annoyed by Society. I've only had a few experiences in my life where I've actually and genuinely enjoyed life. Right now I'm thinking like I disagree with almost everybody view point on what life is supposed to be like. But most people's life scripts sound something like this... Go to school and get decent grades. Do everything you can to fit in play a sport, party, just don’t break too many rules, and only lose your morality on a small scale. Then you go off to college. Now it’s ok. At this point you can lose your morality on a large scale i.e. misuse weed, drink, get high on anything, have orgies, and any other kind of immorality you want to think of. The expectation is that you do some measure of work but just enough to remember for a test. So you past the test may have gotten an A or B so you'll be considered reasonably smart. But if you were asked about some of the same material you studied for the test a week later you wouldn't be able to put forth RESULTS. This is what I call Artificial Intelligence. After you finish a period of about 4-6 years serving your immorality rights of passage at a University then you will be aloud to join in Corporate America. Once you get to that point you are able to do the work of liars, thieves, crooks, and live a pretty plausible life style. Now, they've GOTCHA now you don't want to speak out against injustices, you don't want to talk about THE MOST HIGH GOD because you may cause offense to one of your Philistine Co-workers. Then the expectation is that You get married, have kids, get a divorce and then your kids lives are perhaps slightly better. That’s not a life that’s a movie script. Is this what you really want out of life? Or are you lusting after what your neighbors have even though THE GREAT FATHER commanded us not to be Covetous. That’s not a LIFE. Thats a Script. Thats what Society wants for you. That’s not what THE GREAT FATHER said that he wants for you. Thats a Not GOD"S expectation that’s a Social Expectation. GOD LEADS US TO LIFE AND LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY, GOD LEADS TO ETERNAL LIFE. It Starts with LOVING THE FATHER GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND THEN LOVING YOUR NEIGHBOR THE SAME EXACT WAY YOU LOVE YOURSELF. BABA YAH or FATHER GOD promised a NEW HEAVEN and A NEW EARTH. People read this scripture but they don't understand it. Your body is Earth. Your body is made from the Earth. Flesh is Dirt and Water just like the Earth. When you come to God there is a physical change in your appearance. There is a change in presentation. There is some measure of physical distinctness. It is your Body that is connected to Earth. Heaven is represented by your Mind. Your mind is what connects you to the Spiritual World. It is your mind that puts you in the Presence of THE GREAT FATHER, who is in Heaven. We are living in a Time of tremendous change on out Planet. And I'm not talking about Obama's election because that was the work of evil hands but what OUR FATHER is about to do is much GREATER. That is why FOLLOWERS OF THE MOVEMENT care less about Social Expectations and more about the expectations of THE GREAT FATHER. Many a guilty of holding social standards above the standards of GOD. This keeps us from experiencing life. We remain living Society and never living life. It is hard for the average individual to be purely truthful because even pure truth is seen as Being wrong. We know that THE FATHER is the ORIGINATOR of PURITY AND TRUTH but instead we would rather dismiss truth for comfort ability therefore sending invitation for the AUTHOR OF LIES. Church is the Greatest example I can think of when it comes to this. People dress up in Churches for a Fashion Show yes but even more than that they want to hide who they are. So the Freak all thru the week( except Sunday) hides behind her clothing. And the Ultimate Hustler, pimp daddy, Crook, hides behind a robe so that its not blunt. Many church going folk know about these fake a fraudulent activities but they accept them because they have been told that you are suppose to fellowship with these type of people. Its is socially acceptable to just play and pretend with THE FATHER. God has clearly set is expectations for Living Beings. Anything that Subjects the EXPECTATIONS OF THE FATHER IS DARKNESS. It is Society NORMS that lead us away from life and Towards Death. Societies Norms teach us to accept lies if they come from authority, Accept murder if its done by authority i.e. Police and Soldiers, Theft and torture is okay as long is OBAMA and his Troops are doing it. People know that what I'm saying is TRUE. KNOWLEDGE OF TRUTH WITHOUT ACTION IS SIN. I'm currently moving a HIGHER level and I will influence others to do the same. Don't worry about trying to live a NORMAL LIFE. WHAT is a Normal Life besides Sin? Every prophet Stood up against SOCIAL NORMS, IN ORDER TO PLEASE GOD DESPITE WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THOUGHT. You may have read about MOSES, ELIJAH, and YESHUAH. Knowing their stories is Socially Acceptable but Replicate their stories and that Will be the DIFFERENCE.

Posted by geniusmover at 12:56 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 27 March 2009 1:31 PM EDT
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