Babylon is America

"For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies." (Revelations 18:3)
Who does this describe but America?
Babylon I - 1st major world empire
Babylon II - Medo-Persian Empire
Babylon III - Greek Empire
Babylon IV - Roman Empire
Babylon V - United States of America
Each new Babylon always controlled the old Babylon.  America currently controls Babylon (Iraq).
Babylonian Thought Control
There is no greater tool used to manipulate the minds of the masses of the people than the Tell-Lies-To-Your-Vision (television).  It manipulates your lower self to such animalistic tendencies that we work against the collective self-interest of our people.  Where did we first learn to embrace the drug culture (and alcohol)?  Television.  Where did we learn love dysfunctional music with negative vibrations?  Television.  Where did we learn to embrace promiscuous behavior?  Television.  Where we learn to become capitalistic, dog-eat-dog savages that forgot how to share?  Television.  What caused us -the people that were willing to get beat to learn during slavery - to have such a disdain for learning?  Television.  Where we learn dysfunctional morality where wrong becomes right and right become wrong?  Television.  Where did we learn the practice of modern day human idolatry of the stars of entertainment?  Television.  The all-seeing-eye of Nimrod is the symbol for our networks.  You have to admit is a very effective method of thought control.
Babylonian Worship of the State
We expect the state (the government) to raise our kids, teach our kids (in the public school system), feed us, clothe us, and more.  This is the antithesis of the do for self, communal way of living that we used to enjoy.  We learn to never truly question the state and even worship the state.  Nebuchadnezzar, former emperor of Babylon, issued the first pledge of allegiance (worship) of the golden idol of Babylon.  Nebuchadnezzar was a warmonger that knew that people will only die for the state if they worship the state. 
Babylonian Religion
The religions of Babylon are fine as long as they do not interfere with the worship of the state.  At our seminaries, preachers learn the religion of Constantine - not the religion of the Messiah.  They learn a religion that conforms to the wishes of the state - not the spirituality that preached a kingdom that was not of this world. 
There are as many churches as liquor stores in our communities and they both serve the same purpose - to put the masses to sleep.  Where is the "justice rolling down like a stream" that Amos called for?  How can the proliferation of churches and drugs coexist?  How can a spirituality that taught people to be peacemakers coexist with such a high murder rate?  Do the Jaguar and Benz driving pastors believe in sharing the wealth like Acts 2 and Acts 4 showed?  In what way do these pastors resemble Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Hosea, or Ezekiel?  Do they ever preach about justice?
We practice the religion that Constantine gave us.  He transformed the Hebrew name of Yeshua or Yahshuah (Yah saves) to a European name Jesus that means "son of Zeus."  Paul, a Roman agent, coopted and corrupted the religion of Yeshua.  Yeshua was the greatest revolutionary that ever walked the earth.  He preached often, "The Kingdom of God is at hand."  It was a present reality - not a future place in the skies.  He taught them to sell their earthly possessions and maintain it in a common treasury.  The outgrowth of this movement is seen in the practices of Acts 2 and Acts 4.  Also, it is seen in the practices of the Essenes - the followers of Issa or Issans (this is the name that he is known by in the East as follows the Aramaic pronunciation of his name).  He taught his followers the radical way of peace - an entire way of life.  Unfortunately, Paul - a man who never met Yeshua - subverted his teachings.  When preachers try to influence you to get "saved."  They quote Paul exclusively; they do not quote Yeshua.  He came into the world to fulfill Messianic expectations of the Hebrew people.  He began his mission at the very spot where they were first led into captivity by the Assyrians.  When he speaks of saving his people from their sins, he was speaking of saving people from their own self-destructive habits which were cyclical in nature (sounds like us today).  He had to teach a crab in the barrel people that "blessed are the peacemakers."  He had to teach a crab in the barrel people that it is good to be poor and sharing your wealth makes you rich.  He taught them how to be content with their daily bread, but to want the kingdom on earth and in heaven.  His mission was the gospel of the kingdom of God; Paul transformed the kingdom of God into Christianity.
Paul was not an apostle.  Revelations 21:14 clearly says that there are 12 apostles to judge the 12 tribes of Israel.  It was set at 12 for a clear and distinct reason.  Revelations 2:1-7 - Yah is speaking to the church at Ephesus and condeming people that claimed to be apostles.  Could He have been speaking about the writer of Ephesians?  Paul loves faith, faith, faith.  However, James writes far less but hundred times more powerful that "faith without works is dead."  He says that the demons have faith and even tremble.  These churches today resemble their father Paul - they have faith.  Where are their works to stop the drug trafficking, the drug addiction, black-on-black crime, high school drop outs, pimping of the people by corporate America and the pharmaceutical industry, politicians taking bribes and the mass subverting of justice, and many other social ills?  Faith without works is dead; even worse faith without works in urban black America results in more and more death - a black MAAFA (holocaust) right as we speak.
Paul quotes pagan authors and passes it off as Scripture on at least 4 occasions: 1) Acts 17:28 - he quotes Aratus (in Phaenomena); 2) Acts 26:14 - he quotes Euripedes (in Bacchae); 3) 1 Corinthians 15:33 - he quotes Menander (in Thais); 4) Titus 1:12 - he quotes Epimenides.  Paul was a Roman citizen, when the legacy of all of the prophets was that they all looked forward to an independent Israel (they were not citizens of pagan empires).  Remember Palm Sunday - the palm is the symbol of an independent Israel.  They were chanting for Yeshua, the Messiah - the restorer of an independent Israel.  They did the same for Judah Maccabee in the Books of Maccabees (these and other books were part of the Apocrypha - books that were left out of the Bible so that you would put to sleep).
One of the most dangerous legacies of Paul is that he separated the Old from the New Testament with his teaching.  There is no Old and New Testament.  To separate the New Testament from the Old Testament is to divorce spirituality from JUSTICE.  Jeremiah 31 speaks of the new covenant.  Read it for yourself!  It is a new covenant with Israel which is connected with the Messianic restoration of Israel.  Luke 22:20 is speaking of a new testament that is reflected in communion.  It is a sacrament - not the removal or abolition of the old covenant.  Prove this with Yeshua's words - not Paul's.
Paul's conception of a New Tesament divorced spirituality from justice. We need to remarry spirituality with justice.  We need to read and practice Matthew 25.  We need to read and practice Leviticus 25.  We need to seriously consider why Yeshua marked the start of his ministry with the announcing of the Jubilee.  We need to stop paying tithes until a portion are giving to the poor (which was the original intention).  We need to celebrate the Shabbats (Sabbaths) by helping the least of these.  There is no such thing as spirituality that is not connected to justice.  
Paul's divorce of spirituality from justice is clearly seen in his legacy of one's "personal relationship with God."  This phrase is nowhere in Scripture.  One's relationship is both personal - loving God with all your heart, soul, and mind - and communal - loving your neighbor as your self.  Your love of God is manifested in your love of humanity.  When the two greatest commandments are practiced, then spirituality is remarried with justice.
The following texts are recommended to help you reconnect spirituality to justice: 1) Gospel of the Hebrews; 2) Gospel of the Holy 12; 3) Septuagint (in conjunction with the Dead Sea Scrolls); 4) Essenes by Christian Ginzburg; 5) Book of Enoch; 6) Book of Jasher.
Finally, to establish justice on this earth and to establish the way of the peace of Yeshua.  We need to understand the role of the peacebreakers.  Genesis 6 talks about the sons of God (fallen angels or nephilim in Hebrew) that produced offspring with the daughters of men.  The Book of Enoch and the Book of Jasher talk in detail about the gross perversions that were committed by these beings.  They survived the Great Flood, and rule the earth from that time till now.  They represent the incarnation of Satan.  Isaiah 14 starts off talking to the ruler of Babylon, and then he starts talking to the real ruler of Babylon - Satan.  Ezekiel 28 starts off talking to the ruler of Tyre and Sidon, and then and he starts talking to the real ruler of Tyre and Sidon - Satan.  Ezekiel 31 talks about the real ruler of Assyria and Egypt is Satan.  Matthew 4 talks about Satan giving Yeshua his kingdoms of the world.  Revelations 2 talks about Pergamum being Satan's imperial braintrust.  The Book of Revelations describes the Roman Empire as the BEAST.  The biggest secret of all time is that Satan controls the ruling powers of the world.
America, today's Babylon, is ruled by Satan.  It is Mystery Babylon today.  Look for Satan and Babylon's signature.  Page 306 of Shadow of Solomon by Laurence Gardner documents the following: 1) truncated pyramid signifies America's New World Order; 2) Novus Ordo Seclorum on the dollar bill means New World Order; 3) Since Yeshua is holding the arrows of enlightenment in Botticelli's painting, the fact that the American eagle is facing away from them signifies America's denial of Christ; 4) The Virgil motto Annuit Coeptis is a Roman prayer to Jupiter, and a denial of God; 6) Annuit Coeptis  translates as "announcing the birth of" the son of Satan; 7) The pyramid face has 72 bricks - a sacred number in ancient Babylon. It is a portrayal of the Tower of Babel. 
13 is the favorite number of Satanists.  Look at the back of the dollar and see how many items are in thirteens.  The founding of America was 13 days after the summer solstice.  The capital of America - Washington D.C. - is modelled after the goathead (symbol of Satan).  Most of the Founding Fathers were Masons and Satanists. 
Another Satanic Secret Socriety is Skull & Bones or the Brotherhood of the Dead.  Our current president as well as two other presidents were members of Skull & Bones.  They have many Satanic and homosexual rituals.  Currently, they have our minds shown by the fact that our young people wear Skull & Bones emblems to show our part in the Brotherhood of the Dead - to kill each other.  The founding of the CIA was intricately linked with Skull & Bones.  Skull & Bones was a secret society that has profited immensely from the drug trade.  They profited from the British opium wars in China.  They currently control the drug trade through the CIA (Gary Webb was murdered because he documented this in his book).  Both Bushes profited from the drug trade.
The goal of Skull & Bones is the creation of a Satanic New World Order.  The first person in modern times to utter these words publicly was George H.W. Bush or "Daddy Bush."  He uttered them on September 11, 1991.  Is it a mere coincidence that the New World Order was born with the collapse of the Twin Towers 10 years to the day of his utterance?  The September 11th terrorist attack is the pretext for America's takeover of the world, and you will celebrate it because you want us to fight against terrorism.  All of this is part of a Satanic plan.
Another major secret society is the Council on Foreign Relations, which is an offshoot of the British Round Table.  The goal as documented by Carroll Quigley in Anglo-American Establishment is to form a Anglo-American establishment that will rule the world.  The emblem for the Council on Foreign Relations is "death riding on a pale horse."  The Book of Revelations tells us about "death riding on a pale horse."  Most of the presidents have been members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Michelle Obama, first lady elect, is a member of the Council Foreign Relations.
Another Satanic secret society hangout spot is the Bohemian Grove.  It is the modern day sport of Moloch (idol god of the so-called Old Testament), where homosexuality and all other types of lewd practices go on.  Every major leader in this country goes to the Bohemian Grove.  If Ezekiel lived today (please reread the book), the whirlwind would have took him to the Bohemian Grove where he would have seen homosexual initiates into the Satanic New World Order.
All is not lost.  The message of the Book of Revelations, which foresaw all of these events is "Come out of Babylon, my people."  Let's come out and leave the preachers behind.  Let them pimp somebody else.
Babylon's Control of the Education System
Babylon's education system treats urban black Americans like niggers.  They give us the 2nd tier - nigger curriculum - which puts us to sleep.  The standards are lowered.  The behavior standards are low in our schools, and the academic standards are even lower.  Social promotion is at its all time worst.  Almost no one fails and the students know it.  The administrators behave as if they have stocks in the prison industry.
The curriculum has very little practical importance.  The majority of it has no practical significance.  We need to educate ourselves.  Instead of the abstract math that we learn, we need to know the math behind balancing the budget, saving, good credit scores, the importance of interest rates, how to avoid being pimped by banks, credit cards, and check cashing places.  WE NEED MATH THAT WILL HELP US IMPROVE OUR LIVES.  English - We need to focus on those literary works that have inspired people to freedom, justice, and equality.  Social Studies - We need history that is more than a recollection of facts and dead people or facts to win a Jeopardy game.  We need history taught in a relevant way such that young people will both learn from their history and apply the lessons of history to their current environment.  We also learn need to learn what is really going in the world - the news behind the news.  Science - There is no more important science than the science of the human body.  We need to learn how to eat to live.  We need to learn how to live so healthily that we will not keep getting pimped by the medical establishment.  We need practical science - not abbrevations for a periodic table that we will never use in life.  Give us the George Washington Carver science, which is practical science (science of farming or something else practical).  Our practical curriculum needs to include left and right brained teaching methods.  We also need to revive the oral traditions of our Afrcian ancestors.  We need to read the books, essays, articles, (and watch the movies) that are part of the Genius Movement Curriculum.
We need an education that will help us to do for self.  Prior to the Industrial Revolution, most Americans grew their own food and created their own clothing.  After it, most Americans buy their own food and buy their clothing.  This so-called great Revolution transformed producers into consumers.  Which is better an uneducated PRODUCER
or an educated consumer?  We need to be taught how to do for self - to grow our own food, create our own clothes, etc.  According to the slave narrative of Olaudah Equiano, the Africans knew how to build their own houses.  Look at us know - with all of our education, we are dependent on somebody us to do for us what we can do for ourselves.  WE ARE EDUCATED, DEPENDENT FOOLS.
We need to be educated in the ways of Yah and His Word.  We will fight for Yah.  We refuse to fight in the reptilian, nephilim army and be pawns on the chessboard.  We want to create an army to police our own communities and defend ourselves.  All of our men should be trained in self-defense. 
Finally, Proverbs 9:10 states, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom."  Our ultimate goal is wisdom.  We want the wisdom of the prophets.  There were learned intellectually, but they had greater knowledge of the ways of Yah.  They were able to see with their third eye - Pineal Gland.  Ironically, Israel (Jacob) met God at Peniel in Genesis 32.  We need to meet God at Pineal.  We need to learn how to nurture our minds, bodies, and spirits so that we can see through our Third Eye.  Then, we will begin to move, act, and think in our collective best interest.
Consider that the Babylon System strives to keep man as far apart as possible form the natural world.  Its worldview is man at war with nature as opposed to man in harmony with nature.  Compare the European pollution of the air, water, mass deforestation, and killing of plant and animal life with the Native Americans' harmony with nature.  The European has treated nature like a nigger. 
The European strives to keep the "third eye" of the masses of our people closed. He does this by keeping us apart from nature.  We learn science from a textbook rather than from nature herself.  We are constantly under artificial light rather than bathing in the natural sunlight.  We are dependent upon electricity - artificial energy - rather than natural energy.  Almost all of the artificial energy devices has closed to close our third eye.  We are dependent upon television to entertain rather than communing and amongst ourselves and cultivating brotherhood and sisterhood.  We only know how to have fun with video games or some form of electrical entertainment.  This has stifled our creativity and our fun.  We can create our own fun.  We need to start singing rather than watch videos and listen to sings all day.  We are watching life rather than living it ourselves.  Everyone needs to watch "Boys of Baraka" and see the transformation that took place when those boys "unplugged from the matrix."  They were transformed when they became closer to nature.
Consider the Amish - a group of people that are "unplugged from the matrix."  Compare the morality of their society with the society at large; there is no comparison.  There is no "dog eat dog."  They share with one another.  There is no "keeping up with the Joneses."  There is no "buying things you don't need to impress people you don't like."  If we get come back to the knowledge of self, then we will resemble the Amish and take our rightful place as the original man and woman of the earth.
Babylon's Use of Drugs to Put Us to Sleep
Consider the following quote by Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World: "There will be, in the next generation or so, a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing dictatorship without tears, so to sepak, producing a kind of painless, concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda or brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced methods.  And this seems to be the final revolution."
Huxley is basically spelled out a blueprint of using drugs to cause the masses to enjoy slavery.  Consider that the reptilian, nephilim have always used drugs to put the masses to sleep.  Read about the Opium Wars in China - how the British Empire used opium to control and manipulate China.  The drug trafficking is chemical warfare against the black community.    In the 1960s, the masses of people were energized by the civil rights, Black Panther, and antiwar movements.  Then, they launched an allout chemical warfare that is threatening genocide of us as a people.  Don't join the Bill Cosby condemnation of the masses.  How can you have strong families where kids love to learn in the midst of so much chemical dependency?  It is an absolute destroyer of familial bonds.  Chemical dependency is a type of sorcery that allows evil spirits to take over people's bodies.  Nothing short of an allout spiritual warfare and separation can help us overcome this.
Babylon's Manipulistic Use of the Holidays
Babylon uses the holidays to control our minds so that celebrate pagan festivals and rituals without even knowing it.  All of the major holidays have pagan roots.  December 25th was celebrated thousands of years before the birth of Yeshua.  Nimrod was honored on this day.  Santa = Satan  The celebration of this Satanic holiday was condemned in Jeremiah 10:2-4: "Don't take the godless nations as your models.  Don't be impressed by their glamour and glitz, no matter how much they're impressed.  The religion of these peoples is nothing but smoke.  An idol is nothing but a tree chopped down, then shaped by woodsman's ax.  They trim it with tinsel and balls, use hammer and natils to keep it upright."  The Romans celebrated it as the Feast of Saturnalia.  Easter was not celebrated by the early Christians; they celebrated Passover. Yeshua celebrated Passover in Luke 22:14-20.  Furthermore, the early Christians celebrated Passover in Acts 12:1-4.  The King James Scriptures erroneously translates the Greek word intending Passover as Easter (check out the historical record for yourself). Easter is a derivation of Ishtar - the queen of heaven.  The pagans used to worship the queen of heaven (Jeremiah 7:18-19, 44:16-17).  We have been tricked into worshipping her.  Thanksgiving is wronglynamed.  It should be called Thankstaking.  It celebrates greed and gluttony and the tricking of a peaceful people by a carnivorous, bloodthirsty, greedy people.  Halloween - please think about the ghosts, goblins, and obscene masks that you wear.  It is outright celebration of evil spirits.  Please wake up people.
Let us get back to celebrating the Hebrew festivals of the Scriptures.  They are rooted in truth as opposed to the European pagan rituals that we currently celebrate.
Consider Frederick Douglass' thoughts on the subject: "The days between Christmas Day and New Year's were allowed the slaves as holidays.  During these days all regular work was suspended, and there was nothing to do but keep fires and look after stock.  We regarded this time as our own by the grace of our masters, and we therefore used it or abused it as we pleased.
"The holidays were variously spent.  The sober industrious ones would employ themselves in manufacturing cornbrooms, mats, horse-collars, and baskets, and some of these were very well made.  Another class spent their time in hunting opossums, coons, rabbits, and other game.  But the majority spent the holidays in sports, ball-playing, wrestling, boxing, running, foot-races, dancing, and drinking whisky, and this latter mode was generally most agreeable to the masters.
"A slave who would work during the holidays was thought by his master undeserving of holidays.  There was in this simple act of continued work an accusation against slaves, and a slave could not help thinking that if he made three dollars during the holidays he might make three hundred during the years.  Not to be drunk during the holidays was disgraceful.
"We were induced to drink, I among the rest, and when the holidays were over we all staggered up from our filth and wallowing, took a long breath, and went away to our various fields of work, feeling, upon the whole, rather glad to go from that which our masters had artfully deceived us into the belief was freedom, back again into the arms of slavery.  It was not what we had taken it to be, nor what it would have been, had it not been abused by us.
"It was about as well to be slave to master, as to be a slave to whisky and rum.  When the slave was drunk, the slaveholder had no fear that he would plan an insurrection, or that he would escape to the North.  It was the sober, thoughtful slave who was dangerous and needed the vigilance of his master to keep him a slave."
Also read Frederick Douglass famous speech, "What is the Fourth of July to Me?".
Babylon's Control of Food
In our original Hebrew existence, we created our own food; we all did for self.  Consider that the African Hebrews and the Native Americans (who so some scholars consider to be the lost tribes of Israel) taught the Europeans how to farm.  It is completely backward that we have to go to them to buy poisoned food.
We need to get back to the original way.  Currently, our food is produced by large agribusiness companies. 
Steps for restoration: 1) begin the process of elementary farming in your backyard; 2) visit the farmer's markets (and try to develop a relationship with a farmer); 3) foods that do not come through agribusiness normally cost more - let's still stop spending our money in support of agribusiness.  Let's eat less and spend more which will average out;  4) Began to look at the labels for the ingredients of everything you eat (if you cannot pronounce it, don't eat it); 5) Eat more fruits and vegetables; 6) Regulate your eating - stop being a glutton.
Babylon's Control of the Health System
In Deuteronomy 7, Yah promised His people that He would get rid of all sickness.  Part of that came from eating foods that he told them to eat.  Paul, the agent of Babylon, has told us to eat anything so that we can be pimped by a medical establishment and pharmaceutical industry that has convinced us that it is natural to be a part of a revolving door of sickness.  Paul has caused us to forget Daniel who would not eat the king's meat and showed his superior health, because of his diet. 
A major part of the problem is that we do not understand the Scriptures or the context with which they were written.  The foods that we were not permitted to eat were not just arbitrarily picked.  We were told not to eat red meat, which is bad for us.  Yah was moving us in process to the original vegetarian diet.  The animals that we were permitted to eat were animals that have a split hoof and chew the cud, which are herbivores (animals that eat only plants).  The selection of our diet was done by design. 
We have come to the crossroads: you can continue on with Paul and get pimped by the medical establishment or you can take control of your health with the help of Yah.  My grandfather, one of the sources of inspiration of the geniusmovement, used to avoid hospitals at all costs as places for the dying.  His common sense wisdom resulted in a sick free life up to the age of 92.  Grandma used to heal us with the herbs from the ground; yet you are in love in with artificial medicine.
Please, my people, read African Holistic Health and Nutricide.
Babylon's Control of the Economic/Political System
In order to understand the economic/political system, you must understand that the Babylonian system is rooted in an inequality of wealth.  The political system merely serves to perserve this inequality of wealth.  There is a measure of justice that can be served in such a system; it varies in degrees. 
You have to understand that our current economic system and the wealth of America and Europe was built on the back of slavery.  Imagine if you had a business and for over two hundred years you did not have your workers anything.  Your profit would be ridiculous.  Most of the Founding Fathers were slaveowners.
Wall Street was built on the back of slavery.  Most of the recipients of the current bailout profited from slavery.  The Constitution itself benefitted the economic class of the Founding Fathers, Wall Street barons, and the precursors to the bailout recipients.  The Constitutional proceedings were kept secret until the Founding Fathers were dead (the proceedings were released to the public in 1840).  They did not refer to slavery directly.  The Constitution considered blacks as 3/5 of a person so that the voting power in presidential elections would be in the South.  This resulted in 11 of the 1st 16 presidents being slaveowners.  Only the slaveowning presidents served 2 consecutive terms.
The Constitution marginalized the majority of white people.  Only landowning white  males could vote.  The electoral college was a safeguard to prevent the majority of whites from voting; the Founding Fathers considered that mob rule.  Originally, the Constitution prevented landless white males from directly electing the Senate.  The Founding Fathers wanted to create an upper house - House of Lords (Senate) and lower house - House of Commons (House of Representatives).  So the commoners could vote for members of the House of Representatives, but the aristocrats had the Senate.  Thomas Jefferson, the follower of John Locke, wanted to write "life, liberty, and property" in the Declaration of Independence but that would alienate the poor whites they needed to fight in the Revolutionary War.  So he changed property to the pursuit of happiness.  Most whites did not benefit from slavery.  The white aristocrats have always played poor whites and blacks against one another.  Both groups were oppressed by this system.
Capitalism must always have a slave class.  Prior to 1865, we were the slave class that propped up the capitalism of America.  After 1865, it became the prison industry.  13th Amendment prohibits slavery and involuntary servitude except as a punishment for crime.  You can be a slave only if you are locked up.  Slavery By Another Name by Douglas Blackmon shows the transformation of a new look slavery.
We are educated to think that you must be prisons and police to have justice.  Read Our Enemies in Blue and you will read how the police are the outgrowth of the slave patrol system.  The police are the arm by which the state maintains its inequality of wealth; they maintain the status quo.  They do not institute justice.  We are educated to think that prisons are necessary for the maintenance of justice.  You did not have prisons or police in ancient Israel.  If you committed a crime in ancient Israel, you were either put to death, beat, or you had to provide compensation.  Family crimes were considered far worse than property crimes (the opposite of our Satanic system).  Ancient Hebrew law provided safeguards against the massive inequality of wealth.  The prison system does the same thing that the slave system did.  It separates and destroys our family in the same manner.  It is an unjust legal system. 
Malcolm X, in the manner of a modern day prophet, said that they (the ruling elite) sell you the drugs and lock you up for using and selling drugs.  They sell you the alcohol and lock you up from getting drunk.  They break your legs and call you a cripple.  All of you self-righteous folk - stop beating up on the poor.  Show them a better way. 
Elijah Muhammad taught that there is a 10% ruling elite that are the blood suckers of the poor.  There is the 85% that are deaf, dumb, and blind.  There are the 5% that are the poor righteous teachers that try to wake up the 85% against the wishes of the 10% blood suckers of the poor.  Most of us that are prospering to a  limited degree in this society try to keep up with the Joneses and get to the highest point that an 85 percenter can get to on the  pyramid.  The 10% are the old money that go back to the Founding Fathers, aristocratic secret societies, and are related to the aristocracy of Europe.  They set the policies, they control public opinion, write the laws, make money from war (while we die in them because we are pawns on the chessboard), and operate the government to benefit them.  The movie "Good Shepherd" is very enlightening as it shows the CIA growing out of the secret society Skull & Bones.  It also has the very disturbing statement said by a member of the elite, "This is our country.  The rest of you are visiting."  There is much truth in that comment.
Elijah Muhammad said  that the black man in America is like Lazarus begging from the crumbs of the master's table.  I would contend that most blacks and whites fight for the crumbs, while the aristocrats eat the pie.  "Keeping up with the Joneses" is merely our fight to be as high on the pyramidal economic structure as it is possible for an 85 percenter to be.  This is an unjust system.
We need to carve THE CIRCLE out of Babylon's pyramidal structure.  Let the circle be unbroken!  We need to share the wealth!  Huey Long, politician from Louisiana, (for whom Huey Newton founder of the Black Panther Party was named) convinced millions of people to join his share the wealth program and he was assassinated for this.  Paul Robeson arguably the most well rounded American that ever lived (a black man that they are scared to tell you about) believed in sharing the wealth.  Consider a black man that spoke over half a dozen languages, was an accomplished singer, Hall of Fame football player, lawyer, actor, and fought for the rights of the poor all over the world.  Paul Robeson was such a man.  He believed in a dangerous idea -sharing the wealth.  That's why you never learn about him.  Yeshua was assassinated because he believed and practiced sharing the wealth.  At the outset of his ministry, he announced the year of Jubilee (which had been neglected for centuries - please read Leviticus 25) and the leadership tried to kill him for that.  The only reason you do not learn this about Yeshua is because Babylon trains our religious leadership.
We need to carve the circle out of the Babylonian pyramid economic system and began to reinstitute the Sevenfold Peace of the Essenes.  If we followed this, we will rediscover peace and harmony within our selves, between us and nature, and between each other.

Revelations 18:2

And he cried mightily with a strong voice saying Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird.