• Acts 2 and Acts 4 (as well as the lifestyle of the Essenes) reflect the kingdom of God in manifestation – we are supposed to share our wealth and possessions
  • Spiritual analysis and spiritual solutions to the problems that beset us (solutions must involve justice – prophetic books of Scripture are absolutely necessary for direction)
  • Matthew 25:31-46 reflect the culmination of Scripture and what we must strive to
  • Paul corrupted the original doctrines of Yeshua
  • There should be no division between Old and New Testament
  • There are numerous New Testament contradictions – there was originally 1 account of Yeshua written by the group of disciples in the Aramaic language
  • There is no such thing as spirituality apart from justice (Prophetic books of Scripture are necessary and should be read very closely)
  • How Yah ordered Hebrew society is how the kingdom of God (any righteous government should be ordered)
  • The disciples were followers of the Way (Tao) and most religions are in essence addressing the same thing – the critical issue is how they address justice
  • Most of the social issues that we face would not be faced if the society was ordered the way established in the Torah and in the prophetic books
  • Drugs invite demonic spirits to possess bodies – special care must be to look at the life of Yeshua and how he addressed the deeper issue of maladies caused by demon possession
  • Most of the powerful governments practice the Babylon system (sang about by Bob Marley) and the prophetic books address how we should counteract this.  We need to come out of Babylon to achieve our salvation.
  • Most of the holy books of the major religions are flawed but the essence of them is to establish the kingdom of God on this earth but its fullest manifestation transcends beyond this earth.  Just as the Babylon system establishes hell on this earth but its fullest manifestation transcends beyond this earth.
  • The Essene Sevenfold Peace is one of the highest justice standards ever created.
  • There is a greater difference between the Christianity of the West and the Christianity of the East than between Islam and Christianity of the East
  • We must reinvigorate the original practices of followers of the Way.  It is a whole way of life.  The more we go back to the original African/Hebrew practices the more whole we will be as a people.
  • Salvation is both individual and communal
  • Watching “They Live” is essential for understanding how the nephilim (fallen angels) manipulate and control the masses of humanity.  The nephilim controlled the governments of Babylon, Greece, Rome, and now America and the European governments.  The book of Revelation was speaking mainly about events of that time and how Satan would be bound for a thousand years.  This represented the Dark Ages of Europe (after the fall of the Roman Empire) and when Satan was released the European man was rethrust upon the world.  In the last 500 years, there was more destruction to the land, the water, and the air than ever recorded in the history of humankind.  The Scriptures say that Satan comes to “kill, steal, and destroy.”  Who kills, steals, and destroys more than the European, blue-blooded nephilim that manipulates the masses of humanity?
  • The “Matrix” shows how the nephilim uses gatekeepers of the matrix – teachers, preachers (going to their Babylonian controlled seminaries that never address the issue of justice), professionals, media elite – to control and manipulate our thinking.  They make the real appear unreal and the unreal appear real.  Our morality is informed more by the media than by any other institution.  The only way to address this nephilim controlled Babylon system is to unplug from the Matrix and come out of Babylon.
  • We need to turn off the television set and the radio and listen to music liberates us.
  • The blue-blooded nephilim elite that control this modern day Babylon system controls 85% of humanity by manipulation of our lower selves.  They appeal to the basest, animalistic instincts of pure survival, pursuit of pleasure through drugs, parties, sex, and animalistic music.  The still small voice that is in all of us is the higher self or God that speaks to all of us.  We have to pray, meditate, withdraw from the Babylon system, so that first we can conquer our lower selves.  This is the first battle.  Until we conquer our lower selves, we can be manipulated by the Master Manipulator that appeals to our lower selves so that we can not work in our collective self-interest.  It is how a handful of elite rule over the large masses of humanity – we are divided and conquered.  We have to live ruled by our higher selves or the God in us.
  • We believe in the challenge of WWYD or What Would Yeshua Do?  The Babylon controlled seminary system teaches us that salvation is caused by crying about Jesus dying on the cross and then you are saved.  Almost no one believes in actually following and living after the example that Yeshua exemplified.
  • We need to eat to live.  Yah established how we were supposed to eat in the Scriptures.  We just abandoned it because of Paul.
  • We need to conquer our lower selves to awaken the god within.
  • We need to train our powers of concentration.
  • We need to fast to discipline our bodies
  • We need to meditate to begin to look inward to find Yah and look at reality through our "Third Eye"

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